Blame Ekoué

Blame Ekoué is the Togo correspondent for the BBC and for Paris-based media house, ANA. He has also reported for Associated Press and Radio France International. He holds a BA in Communications from the Leader Institute in Lomé. Formerly deputy editor of the West Africa Revue, he has been a contributor to the Lome-based Business and Finance magazine since 2015.

Togo, a nation where agriculture accounts for more than 40% of GDP and employs over 65% of its workforce, is pursuing an ambitious vision of greater agricultural productivity and food self-sufficiency through what it calls Planned Agricultural Development Zones (ZAAP). In a move aimed at boosting harvests and improving living standards, particularly in rural and peri-urban areas, Togo is on course to establish 400 of these zones by 2025, which are designed to focus on specific strategic crops, including rice, sesame, cashew, corn, soy, and sorghum. As of 2021-2022, Togo had already set up 130 zones nationwide, covering an area…

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